For all kinds of home styles, Corian® can bring your residential designs to life.

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Corian solid surface

The luxurious colors of DuPont™ Corian® as well as its unique sculpting qualities allows you to define your own idea of class. that is why for more than 40 years, Corian® has been the number one choice for designers, architects and homeowners.
Welcome to the world of DuPont™ Corian®





  • Corian® keeps its good looks and survives the impact nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear.

  • Since its introduction, Corian® has proven itself to be remarkably durable, a versatile material that is easy to live with in both domestic and commercial environments. Corian® cannot delaminate, the joints are inconspicuous and fluids cannot penetrate.

  • Corian® has a non-porous surface that prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material. Marks and stains stay on the surface and can easily be removed with a Scotchbrite® pad and household cleaner.

  • Color-coordinated Joint Adhesive bonds Corian® solid surface with inconspicuous seams. This results in a smooth surface that enables you to create large designs fashioned from a single element. The seamless look of integrated Corian® countertops, sinks, and coved backsplashes also means there are no crevices to trap dirt and bacteria.



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